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Active Babies Smart Kids – The Music

Love the music you hear at on our Active Babies Smart Kids onlne series? We do too!

The beautiful baby songs have been composed by Candylion and Tessarose Music Productions.


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Candylion Music

Wendy Van Kesteren and Christophe Magnan

CanylionWendy and Christophe were an Australian/French team in work and life. Being parents, professional musicians and having friends in the GymbaROO team, the Active Babies Smart Kids TV series provided a great opportunity for them to turn their hand to children’s music, with fabulous results!! And so began Candylion.

Wendy: “It has been very interesting to rewrite and ‘play’ with these songs that hold such treasured memories for me. We hope you enjoy Candylion’s refreshed versions of these great songs and nursery rhymes and that they help to create some loving and lasting memories for you and your children too”.

Wendy and Christophe performed, composed and wrote songs together for over 20 years. Tragically, at the age of 48 and not long after completing the Candylion album, Wendy died from cancer. Christophe and their musical son, Alexandre remain in France. Christophe continues to perform regularly in Europe. When he is not entertaining, he composes and records music; producing albums for various projects, writing sound tracks for films, web sites and advertisements.

Tessarose Productions

Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose

Kiwis, Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose, formed Tessarose Productions in 1999. The music, (all 700 songs), has been created with young children’s developmental needs and the latest findings in early education in mind. The songs are simple and slow enough for young children to understand and then respond to, and the words repetitive and clear so children can sing along.

Tessa Grigg (B.Ed, Dip Tch (Primary) Dip Tch (ECE): Tessa has a wide range of experience within the Early Childhood Education field. She has taught in a Primary School, supervised a Pre-school with specialist work in the sensory motor area, worked as a Child and Family Therapist, taught Nanny students and has owned and operated a GymbaROO centre for 9 years. Tessa’s experience in teaching pre-school children spans 30+ years but the strength in her experience is that is has been in a variety of settings.

Brian Ringrose – Entertainer: Brian had over thirty years’ experience in the music business, both in the recording field and as a performing artist. He performed both nationally and internationally and was part of the original Invaders Band that played with Ray Columbus. Brian worked for television (a fifteen year involvement) and played to live audiences on a regular basis while also working in his recording studio during the day. Music produced by Brian has been sold internationally with feedback that recognises his versatility and creative abilities. Sadly, Brian recently passed away.

We would also love to acknowledge and thank dearly, the following artists who contributed a beautiful song each to our series:

Wendy Fine Music

Song: Little Pig Jazz (Episode 3)
From CD Sing to Me, I’m Yours by Judy Irwig
Wendy Fine and Judy Irwig:

Hal Palmer

Song: Oh What a Miracle (Episode 4)
For more information and to purchase this song contact: Hap Palmer
Hap-Pal Music:

Episode Overview

Episode Song Titles Song Artist Activity and Equipment Specialist in Episode
1: Tummy Time Dr Meredith Sheil
  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Trad/ Ringrose  Exercise
  Everybody Rolling Trad/Candylion Tummy time exercise: Strength and vestibular
  She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain Trad/Candylion Dance
  Open Shut Them Trad/Candylion Maracas or shakers
  Brahams Lullaby Trad/ Ringrose Massage
2: Baby Exercises Dr Meredith Sheil
  Round and Round the Garden Trad/Candylion Fingerplay
The Ants go Marching Trad/Candylion Exercise
Rocking all Around Like a Boat on the Sea Grigg/Ringrose Rolling/rocking from side to side: Strength and vestibular
Swinging Brian Ringrose Dance
The More we are Together Trad/Candylion Maracas or shakers
Jack and Jill Trad/Candylion Action song: Strength and vestibular
My Bonnie Trad/Ringrose Massage
3: Baby Massage Pinky McKay
These are Baby’s Fingers Trad/Candylion Finger/footplay
Little Pig Jazz Judy Irwig Exercise
Peek a Boo Trad/Candylion  Exercise: Kicking and leg raises
Hokey Pokey Trad/Ringrose Dance
Giddiup Horses Trad/Ringrose Action song: Strength and vestibular
The Clock Ticks Grigg/Ringrose Maracas or shakers
Shake and Stop Trad/Candylion Maracas or shakers
Lullaby for Alexandre Candylion Massage
4: Baby’s Balance Dr Jane Williams
  Scrub your Dirty Hands Trad/Candylion Finger/Footplay
  Oh what a Miracle Hap Palmer Exercise
  I’m a Little Aeroplane Trad/Ringrose Exercise: Strength and vestibular
  Hey Diddle Diddle Trad/Ringrose Exercise: Tummy surfing
  Horse Get About Grigg/Ringrose Dance
  Two Little Sausages Trad/Candylion Tamborine or shakers
  Flugar Polka Brian Ringrose Tambourine or shakers
  Chopsticks Trad/Ringrose Massage with scarf or soft cloth
5: Baby’s Speech and Hearing Dr Luke Sammartino
Two Little Sausages Trad/Candylion Fingerplay
Rocking Ducks Brian Ringrose Exercise
Everybody Rolling Trad/Candylion Exercise: Rolling over
TangaROO Brian Ringrose Dance
Little Peter Rabbit Trad/Candylion Maracas or shakers
Peace Like a River Trad/Ringrose Massage
6: Baby’s Vision Dr Meredith Sheil
  Clap Clap Clap your Hands Trad/Candylion Finger/Footplay
  This Is My Body Grigg/Ringrose Exercises on tummy
  Rock’n Roll Ball Dance Grigg/Ringrose Exercise: Strength and vestibular – Balls or balloons
Roll ’em Brian Ringrose Exercise: Strength and vestibular – Balls
  Follow the Leader Trad/Ringrose Dance
  Rattle Rattle Grigg/Ringrose Maracas or shakers
  Michael Row the Boat Ashore Trad/Ringrose Massage with ball
7: Baby’s Body Awareness Dr Jane Williams
This Little Piggy Trad/Candylion Finger/Footplay
Hot Cross Buns Trad/Candylion Exercise
Row Row Trad/Candylion Exercise: Strength and vestibular
Obodian Dance Brian Ringrose Exercise: Tummy Time Drag
Beans Brian Ringrose Dance
Band in My House Brian Ringrose Saucepan and wooden spoon or other
Frere Jacques Trad/Candylion Massage with oil
8: Music and Rhythm for Babies Dr Jane Williams
  Two Litte Dickibirds Trad/Candylion Fingerplay
The Wheels on the Bus Trad/Ringrose Exercise
Did You Ever See a Lassie? Trad/Ringrose Dance
Shake and Stop Trad/Candylion Bells, keys or other
Humpty Dumpty Trad/Ringrose Action Rhyme: Strength and vestibular
I Hear Thunder Trad/Ringrose Massage
Pat a Cake Trad/Candylion Massage
9: Baby’s Hand Development Dr Meredith Sheil
  If You’re Happy and You Know It Trad/Ringrose Finger/Footplay
  Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May Trad/Ringrose Exercise
  Upside Down World Grigg/Ringrose Exercise: Upside down
  Everybody Rolling Trad/Candylion Maraccas
  Follow the Leader Trad/Ringrose Bubbles
Hickory Dickory Dock Trad/Candylion Action Rhyme: Strength and vestibular
Rub a Dub Dub Trad/Ringrose Action Rhyme: Strength and vestibular
Guitar Waltz Trad/Ringrose  Massage: Rhythm stick or other
10: Baby Reflexes Dr Jane Williams
  I Take my Little Hands Trad/Candylion Finger/Footplay
  Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside Trad/Ringrose Exercise
  Jack be Nimble Trad/Candylion Exercise: Strength and vestibular
  Michael Row the Boat Trad/Ringrose Visual development: Parachute
  Feet Beat Brian Ringrose Dance
  Old McDonald Trad/Candylion Maracas or shakers
  Incy Wincy Spider Trad/Candylion Massage
  I Know a Little Pussy Trad/Ringrose  Massage
11: Baby’s Feet Development Filmed in a GymbaROO centre Dr Luke Sammartino
GymbaROO ‘Hello’ Song Grigg/Ringrose
The Old MacMassage Trad/Ringrose Exercise and massage
Beautiful Bowl Brian Ringrose Dance
The Sheep Dog Song Brian Ringrose Bells
  GymbaROO ‘Good Bye’ Song Grigg/Ringrose
12: Crawling and Creeping Dr Jane Williams P.O. Box 646 Wahroonga, NSW 2076