Episode 6 – Visual Development

This ABSK episode features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Your Baby’s Visual Development. These earliest years of your baby’s life are a critical period for visual development. There is an important difference between sight and vision. Sight is being able to see. Vision is the brain interpreting what we see. How well your babies learn to develop their vision is going to affect their entire development, including how well they are able to learn now and later while attending school. Babies are not born with the visual skills they need for learning. These skills need to develop over the earliest years of life. Babies need to learn how to use their eyes. For further guidance and advice, we are joined again by paediatrician and medical researcher, Dr Meredith Sheil.

Our ‘Let’s Do’ class features activities and games with big balls, medium sized balls, small balls, balloons and rollers. We share with you the many fantastic and fun ways to use these to help stimulate your baby’s brain, body and visual development.

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