Episode 12 – Crawling and Creeping

Filming this, our final episode in this Active Babies Smart Kids series, was a whole different kettle of fish altogether! As this episode is all about crawling and creeping, we were joined by an absolutely delightful and very mobile cast!

Dr Jane Williams joins us again for our Bit More on Crawling and Creeping, to help explain why the movements of crawling and creeping are so important to a baby’s brain and body development! Crawling and creeping give our babies what they need to get the very best start in life. The longer babies crawl and creep, the better. It is not how early a child walks, but how much is learned before walking that will influence the development of his/her physical, social and academic well-being.

We also feature a look into GymbaROO-KindyROO crawler and creeper classes and just what fun and learning there is to be had.


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