Episode 1 – Tummy Time

This first (and free) episode is a fantastic start to our Active Babies Smart Kids online series. It begins with GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Tummy Time, sharing with you information on tummy time and why it’s crucially important to your baby’s brain and body development.

This is followed by the first of our Let’s Do online class sessions. Here we join with you and your baby, and together we do exercises to music, we dance to She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain, introduce you to some vision games, baby massage and more. We also include some of the many fun and enjoyable ways to encourage tummy time and keep your babies happy on their fronts. You and your baby will love it! This episode concludes with an interview with paediatrician, Dr Meredith Sheil, who provides specialist advice on why tummy time is so important to your baby’s healthy development.

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