Active Babies Smart Kids – Online baby classes by GymbaROO-KindyROO

Active Babies Smart Kids – Online baby classes by GymbaROO-KindyROO

Join the thousands of parents already raising smarter, happier babies with our online baby classes: The Active Babies Smart Kids series. Click here.

GymbaROO-KindyROO kids are excelling academically, emotionally, in leadership roles and on the sporting field. Find us at: GymbaROO-KindyROO

Dr Jane Williams and Bindy Cummings

Continuing in the pursuit of helping as many children get off to the best start possible, GymbaROO-KindyROO has produced an online video series of baby classes for parents of babies called the Active Babies Smart Kids series. This series, created by Bindy Cummings and Dr Jane Williams, is adapted from our highly acclaimed neuro-developmental baby programs and shows parents exactly what to do to ensure they give their baby the best start and the correct stimulation to lay down the foundations for later learning from birth.

The series has been designed to reach parents who are unable to get to a GymbaROO-KindyROO centre and also to provide information and home activities for those who already attend our GymbaROO-KindyROO classes, to share with partners and carers.

The Active Babies Smart Kids series comes highly recommended by paediatricians, doctors, early childhood experts and the Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses Association of Australia. It is being called: ‘The essential guide for parents’.

There are already thousands of parents and babies enjoying and benefiting from the series. We are delighted to report that the combined numbers from our GymbaROO-KindyROO classes and registrations for our Active Babies Smart Kids online series are escalating rapidly each year, meaning that so many more parents are now learning the great value and enormous fun of movement in their babies lives, and raising smarter, happier babies.

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What happens in the first year not only matters, it matters a lot

What happens in the first year of life is profound and affects all later development. A baby’s brain grows most rapidly in the first twelve months of life and research now confirms that this is a critical period for learning1.

The human brain grows by use. The biggest difference to the number of neural connections created is made in the first year of life. The connections that babies use regularly are the ones they keep and these form the foundations for all later learning. There is an exciting and enormous amount of brain growth that can go on in this earliest year if babies are given the learning opportunities and the opportunity to use their brains.

Active Babies Smart Kids. GymbaROO BabyROO

Movement is one of the key experiences that promote learning for babies. Babies’ brains grow through movement. Fun and loving movement activities such as those in our programs, will stimulate intellectual, physical and emotional growth providing solid foundations for a future of learning, health and happiness. A baby’s brain development paves the way for their future level of intelligence, along with much of their personality, their health and mental stability.

Gymbaroo Babyroo brain and developmental triangle

What babies and children need are parents, carers, educators and teachers who understand neurodevelopment and act on this knowledge.

What parents of babies need is neuroeducation

Parents are a child’s first, most important and best teacher

Parents are brain builders and can have a profound influence over their babies’ brain growth, neurological organisation and their future learning ability. What parents do and expose their babies to will have a vast and long-lasting impact on the development of the child. Extensive research has demonstrated that knowledgeable parents care for their babies with greater competence and confidence2.  There is also solid proof now linking supportive, attentive parenting to changes in the brain anatomy of babies and children3.

Dad and baby GymbaROO BabyROO Active Babies Smart Kids

Our Active Babies Smart Kids online classes empower parents with the latest developmental knowledge to ensure they understand why and how they can assist their babies in developing essential skills for future learning. It helps parent feel confident in their knowledge about their babies’ brain and body development and provides them with developmentally appropriate and loving activities that can be easily accomplished both at home.

Every child has great potential that can be reached when their adults have a real understanding of how the growing brains of children develop best.

GymbaROO BabyROOO Active Babies Smart Kids mums massageing babies

Our modern lifestyle interferes significantly with the natural, expected, physiological stimuli required for optimal brain development and dramatically negatively affecting how our children’s brains are developing. Babies’ brain growth today is being stunted by inactivity, a terrifying increase in screen-time, being overly containerised (prams, bouncers, ‘baby seats’ such as the Bumbo, and capsules, outside of the car), all of which are dramatically reducing movement experiences and severely impacting developing brains and healthy development.

Understanding how lifestyle changes impact on the foundations for learning, and applying a solution is the way forward.

About the Active Babies Smart Kids series

The ABSK series includes 12 x 22 minute classes/episodes, full of up to-date, important developmental information, specialists advice and hundreds of loving, easy activities and ideas that help build key brain pathways for later learning and that are fantastic for bonding. The series is designed so parents can join in the activities with their baby from birth, in their own home, at a time that suits them.

Baby doing tummy time with mum.Gymbaroo Babyroo Active Babies Smart Kids free online videos

Throughout the episodes parents learn the ‘how and why’ of important developmental areas – tummy time, baby massage, baby exercises, baby’s balance, visual development, speech, hearing, the importance of rhythm and music, primitive reflexes, crawling and more.

tummy-time-Gymbaroo. Active Babies Smart KIds

During each episode, parents join in and dance and sing with their babies, they do exercises to music, learn massage techniques, do action songs and hand and foot plays and they learn how to use common pieces of furniture around the home to help give their babies the stimulation they need. The Active Babies Smart Kids online series is all based on fun and learning together with joy and happiness.

Dancing. Gymbaroo. Active Babies Smart KIds

We have been absolutely bombarded with messages and comments from very grateful and happy parents, thanking us for the series, many of them “wishing they had found it earlier”.

Foundations for future learning, one of the best gifts parents can give their babies

There are already thousands of parents and babies enjoying and benefiting from the series.  However, there are close to 300,000 babies born just in Australia each year.

We believe that every parent has the right and the need to know that this resource exists, to have access to the information and to understand the positive impact it can have on their child’s future. Every parent has the right to give their child the chance to be the best that s/he can be.

Happy Baby tummytime Active-Babies-Smart-Kids-GymbaROO BabyROO

Watch the Active Babies Smart Kids series before birth!

We encourage all expecting parents to watch the first five minutes of each episode during pregnancy. The earlier in their parenting career that both partners learn the important developmental information, the better for everyone. Well-educated parents make more confident parents. This will take expecting parents little more than one hour – ONE HOUR to make a huge investment in their baby’s future. Read more here.

Dancing. Gymbaroo. Active Babies Smart KIds

Preventing problems before they begin

We believe that, along with our GymbaROO-KindyROO program, the Active Babies Smart Kids series will also help to prevent many problems before they begin by:

  • Decreasing the incidence of learning difficulties. Presently, in Australia, one in five children begin school with developmental immaturities that affect learning. Children who progress through the normal, natural stages of development in the first years of life, in particular in this first year, are unlikely to have learning problems when they are at school
  • Decreasing the incidence of paediatric obesity. One in four Australian children are overweight or obese and studies are suggesting that paediatric obesity and inactivity are on the rise.  Recent research4 has shown that it is as early as the first year that the problem starts for many children because as babies, they don’t get moving, they get heavier and movement gets harder! It’s a vicious cycle! We need to get babies on their tummies (while awake) leading to moving in this first year and make exercise and activity the habit rather than inactivity
  • Decreasing the incidence of other related physical, mental and emotional issues that can be created by an environmentally related slow start; low self-esteem, anxiety, depression
  • Decreasing the incidence of non-melancholic postnatal depression as the series increases parental confidence and encourages bonding

All this at the same time as saving Governments millions: “It’s a pocketbook issue. The research is pretty clear that an investment in those five years pays big dividends for taxpayers a few years down the road when children do not have to be held back a grade in school, don’t require expensive special education programs, avoid costly health issues and, as adults, stay off unemployment rolls.”5

It is so exciting that we are able to deliver this important, life-changing information to so many. The future for these babies is indeed looking very bright!

BabyROO GymbaROO parachute time mums and babies

Parent testimonials

I’ve been following the Active Babies Smart Kids videos, doing one every few days. I’ve noticed a huge difference in bubs abilities, especially tummy time. They are such a great reference tool because not only are you provided with the activity, but also the ‘why’ which is so important! It’s not only teaching bub, it’s teaching me too! I feel more confident as a new mum. Thank you for this great resource.

I have absolutely loved the series! It is a wonderful resource jam packed with great ideas and activities. The most enjoyable part is the bonding that takes place between my baby boy and me each and every time during a BabyROO session. He is also so much happier and content afterwards. The series puts my mind at ease, as I now understand how beneficial the activities are.

The Active Babies Smart Kids series has such clever ideas for play, ones that we would never have thought of. It’s great to have the accompanying explanations about how, through different types of play, we are teaching our baby to move and helping him learn. The episodes are an ideal length, which makes doing them with our baby easily possible and to top it off, the songs have a fun and hip twist on the traditional, making them enjoyable for us adults too!

What I love about the online series is that I am able to share them with my hubby who is not able to attend our GymbaROO sessions as he is working. Since he loves taking care of our little one whenever he has a spare second, he always refers to the videos so that he has ‘quality time’ with him.

Having only one car in our household, it’s difficult to get out much with bub. I tried to provide her with the stimulation she needed for development, but struggled to come up with ideas. Since I found your online sessions, we both have so much fun! I love that we can do the activities while watching the videos. My daughter loves pretty much everything! She has laughed out loud during the activities and looks so happy and fascinated. Thank you very much for making your videos available for mums like me who spend a lot of time with the baby at home.

The Active Babies Smart Kids series is a lifesaver. I really had no idea how to play with my baby or what to do during awake time till I saw this!  

Active babies Smart Kids GymbaROO babyROO

Professional testimonials

Today’s parents are thirsty for knowledge about how best to nurture and support their baby’s development.  Finding the best information is always challenging! The Active Babies Smart Kids online series is a one-stop-shop on baby development. The information is spot on, provided in a fun and interesting format and there are loads of age appropriate activity ideas for parents of babies right from birth! I am thrilled to be able to pass on information about this free online GymbaROO series to the parents of babies I see in my medical practice. I highly recommend it. Dr J. Johnston MBBS FRACGP

As a doctor working in a rural area where there is no GymbaROO centre, I am absolutely thrilled that GymbaROO has put together this online series on baby development. I advise all parents of babies to watch it. The developmental information, the ideas and games provide a wonderful resource, offering parents all sorts of activities they can do with their babies to help with development and bonding. This series will help all parents get their babies off to a great start in life. Dr Sheil MBBS FRACGP DCH

As both a doctor and a dad, I know exactly how a new dad feels when it comes to handling a tiny new baby.  It can be quite daunting, especially with your first child. For many of us, this may be our first time ever even holding a newborn, so it’s little wonder that many of us feel unsure what to do.  I highly recommend the Active Babies Smart Kids online series. It’s a great resource for dads and mums, to learn about babies and development. It provides excellent ideas and advice about how to help babies grow and develop through fun movement, music and play.  Dr Bayfield MBBS FRACS

What an impressive and wonderful website for parents and educators of babies to use!  As a tertiary teacher of students learning to be educators in the early childhood field this is a very useful tool for me. The information is conveyed in language that is easy to understand, regardless of your previous knowledge, and with great practical ideas that are especially fun and enjoyable to do with your baby or others in your care! Great work GymbaROO for putting together such an outstanding resource that closely ties in with the early years focus of ‘learning through play’. J. Johnston B. Ed ECE, Tertiary Teacher in Child and Family Studies

The Active Babies Smart Kids series has so much value for new parents. All our children, (many years ago!) went to GymbaROO and I couldn’t recommend highly enough both GymbaROO classes and their online series. As an ear, nose and throat specialist I was particularly impressed with the episodes Speech and Hearing and Tummy time. Well done GymbaROO! Dr D. Johnston MBBS FRACS Paediatric ENT Specialist

Dr Jane Williams (PhD, BMgt, RN(Paeds)) is the Research and Education General Manager for GymbaROO and KindyROO. Dr Williams is one of Australia’s leading experts on baby and child development. More on Dr Williams here.

Bindy Cummings (B.Ed(Human Movement) Hons) has worked as a teacher, child development consultant, early childhood development lecturer, teacher trainer and INPP & iLS consultant. She is the co-creator of GymbaROO’s Active Babies Smart Kids online series, has authored many published articles on child development. She is working on the content and development GymbaROO’s portal and online training programs, and the creation of new online programs for parents and children. More on Bindy Cummings here.


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