Testimonials from Parents

I’ve been following “Let’s do BabyROO” on the videos doing one every few days. I’ve just noticed a huge difference in Bubs abilities. Especially tummy time. They are such a great reference tool because not only do you get the activity but the “why” which is so important! It’s not only teaching bub but teaching me to! I feel more confident as a new mum. Thank you for this great resource.
Active Babies Smart Kids TV series is amazing!!! Fun for both parents and bubs. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful resource for parents who want to encourage their child’s development whilst also enjoying smiles, giggles and gurgles.
The Active Babies Smart Kids series have such clever ideas for play that we hadn’t thought of. Also, it’s great to have accompanying explanations about how through different types of play we are teaching our baby to move and helping him learn. The episodes are an ideal length that make watching them with baby easily possible, and to top it off, the songs have a fun and hip twist on the traditional, making them enjoyable for us adults too!I love how it put me at ease slowly developing tummy time skills with my gorgeous boy when I was worried about what to do.
I have absolutely loved the series and it has been a wonderful resource jam packed with great ideas and activities. The most enjoyable part is the bonding that takes place between my baby boy and I each and every time during a Babyroo session. He is also so much happier and content after. It also puts my mind at ease as I know how beneficial the activities are.
Thank you for referring me to the website. This is a fantastic reference for first time parents as it covered great topics that we cannot find in parental books or the books are too wordy to read. The topics covered and guest speakers are informative and educational. Overall congratulations on a very informative, effective and successful program. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Hi there, I just wanted to thank you so much for providing the online active babies smart kids TV series. The episodes are presented so professionally with so much valuable information and activities to do with my baby. I am totally addicted!! I have been watching one every day and rewatching them and doing the “lets do BabyROO with my little boy. I am a mum to two boys, my first one being almost 3 and my second one is 12mth. He has low muscle tone and is not yet crawling or creeping but he is getting close. I initially found GymbaROO through goggling things to help my little boy about 3 or 4 months ago now. I scrolled through the website for hours and found out that my nearest GymbaROO centre was Townsville but that is a 5hr drive for me as I live south of Mackay. So I purchased the Distance Education pack and got started with that! Then an opportunity came up for us to go up to Townsville so I rang the centre and booked in for a class. We loved it!! I would so dearly love to have a centre here in Mackay but the online sessions are the next best thing!!! I hope there will be more to come!! I am learning so much about my kids and how they develop and learn and am grateful of this opportunity to help them reach their full potential in later years!!
I have just watched and done your Active Babies Episode 1 online & was wondering if there was anymore? I am a new & first time mum and my son loved it!  I have told all my mothers group & friends about the episode & all interested in more please!
What I love about the online series is that I am able to share them with my hubby who is not able to attend our Babyroo sessions as he is working. Since he loves taking care of our little one whenever he has a spare second he always refers to the videos so that he has ‘quality time’ with him. Our favourite is the musical one since we have many instruments around the house.
Love that I have learnt through the online series the various activities I can do with my 8mth old. She loves this time as much as I do!
I loved the guidance from renowned Pinky Mckay and pediatrician Dr Meredith . I found these sessions informative as a new parent, particularly understanding infant development and the fun activities I can use when interacting with my baby. Loved the giggles and smiles from bub when we did the activities.
I love doing the ‘lets do babyROO’ segments from the online series with my 4 month old whenever we have a spare bit of time. It means I have ideas for fun activities at any time of day that I know are helping him learn! And best of all – he loves them too!
My 4 month old laughs, smiles and talks his way through ‘let’s do BabyROO’. We do it every day at home and my 2 year old who does Gymbaroo helps me, does the activities herself or with her teddy. They are great for development and sibling bonding.
My 4 month old and I have a lot of fun doing the different series. It is never boring and I have learnt so many things that I can do to help my baby grow and develop.
I love that they are full of fun and educational activities that I can do at any time of the day.
We love being able to enjoy the fun we have Gymbaroo at home any time with the online series.
My daughter and I love the valuable information and fun activities we can do at home. Really reinforces what we learn at our local Gymbaroo. Really eases my worries of “am I doing enough?”.
My husband and I love the online Active Babies series because it’s easy to access. The activities are of great fun like the ones we have in the class. I have also recommended these series to some of my friends. They love these too.
The videos are easy to follow, educational and most importantly fun. I do the activities regularly with my 3.5 month old and she loves it.
I like getting ideas that I can then share with my mothers group!!
I love that it reminds me of the simple and fun activities I should be doing to assist my baby’s development. And it also explains the benefit that your baby will get out of it.
I have a 10 week old son and in these early stages it’s been wonderful to use the videos in the comfort and safety of our own home. I’ve appreciated it most on days when I haven’t had much sleep. Because of the videos I can still help him learn and we can play together, all while still in pjs with unwashed hair!
I have watched the full series, some more than once. I find the information about child development and best practices to promote and encourage children’s development interesting. The series gave me support in providing activities for my baby and backed up what I was learning at Babyroo.
A fun and simple activity to do with my 8 week little girl. Brings lots of happiness to our home and our little girl improves every time. 
Everybody shaking, shaking, shaking. Everybody shaking just like me. The songs are so fun and catchy. My hubby had everyone humming and whistling this tune on site!
My 3 month old LOVES Gymbaroo! She had been attending since she was 7 weeks. The television series are great to use at home and to refresh my memory on things i can do at home with my bub. It also helps me understand the importance of activities to help encourage her to explore her senses. We love it!
I love how excited my lil boy gets when he hears the music he knows it’s active play time! I love that I am learning while playing with bub.
I have a 14 week girl that has been so alert from the minute she was born. I’ve found encouraging her to exercise and to keep her brain from getting bored is the best thing. I’ve seen major leaps in her developmental stages since joining Gymbaroo, I think the videos are great as they remind you to follow up on things learnt in class and also you can rewind and pause if something comes up and you need to stop.
I knew absolutely nothing about little babies development. I am also not a fan of reading 100 different baby books. The video series has been a great education for me that makes sense, is not mentally exhausting and is fun to do with my little one. Thanks!
I have been doing the online activities with my son, it’s excellent to find activities that utilise things you already have at home. The information that goes along with those activities is great, knowing why something is important for bubs development. Thank you!
The videos helped to give me an idea of age specific activities I can do with my bub and know I am helping his development in a fun way. 
I enjoy learning “A Little Bit More” about the science and benefits of the Babyroo games that my tiny girl and I have fun playing every day.
It’s great to know how much impact play has on children’s development. I’m not into “flash card” parenting and it’s nice reassurance that she’s learning just fine through having fun together.
I love the videos because they give me new ideas and inspiration. They are great fun to do at home in the lounge room! Thank you for providing them.
We love watching Gymbaroo videos and learning to do it with our sweet girl. Great fun and easy to do. Thank you Gymbaroo! It is the best activity for new parents like us to do with our baby.
I love that we can do the activities with Dad after hours.
Great ideas for playtime with my little man, and excellent information on the reasons behind the exercises!
I like that I’m getting exercise whilst my little man is also exercising.
My favourite video was tummy time and baby massage. The massage helped with our bedtime routine and getting her to bed at a reasonable time.
We enjoy an episode a day, its our morning routine to do some Babyroo! Absolutely love the bonding experiences provided by Active Babies Smart Kids TV, thank you so much. Every morning is filled with lots of smiles, giggles and cuddles clearly an indication that our little loves her baby exercise.
Been going to Gymbaroo since my baby girl was 5 months old. Now she’s two and we are still enjoying it every week. These online episodes are SO great because it refreshes my memory, making it a daily routine. These videos even have paediatricians explaining the theory behind all the exercises just to make sure you fully understands WHY and WHAT you are exposing your precious baby to.
We began KindyROO this term when my son was 12 weeks old. At first he struggled as he couldn’t hold his weight on his left arm (caused by two fractures during delivery). As an Early Years Teacher this was extremely concerning for me. However, the wonderful Erin and Yasmin told me not to give up and worked hard with him and by the third session he was no longer screaming and could do tummy time!! Three 45 minute classes (and he didn’t even last the first two classes!) and such an amazing turn around. I find the videos help to remind me just what to do so we make sure we have at least two “KindyROO sessions” at home starting with the hello song and ending with the goodbye song… And he loves it!! Couldn’t praise the program more and the wonderful staff.
The Babyroo sessions using the video allow my little man to have meaningful play time with his hard working dad. I can see their relationship and bond growing with each video! Best thing we ever decided to do for our son as a family!
We are starting next term! As a prep teacher I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I am able to do something to help my baby develop her fine and gross motor skills, connect with massage etc while building a fun and smiley bond with her. As a first time mum, I had no idea what you were meant to do with a new baby to help them and as a teacher this was driving me a bit mad! The ACTIVE BABY SMART KIDS site has helped ease my anxiety and helped me connect with bubs and connect with the teacher in me! I like the way there’s explanations for WHY we are doing each lesson and the benefits. Even now at 9 weeks I can already see the changes in her development and that makes me feel really good.
I enjoy the different songs to sing and variations on tummy time.
When my little girl was 8 months old she was developmentally delayed. The online Gymbaroo resources gave me access to the correct physical activities, reassurance and hope as I was too anxious to attend classes and compare my completely ‘still’ baby with the other babies in her age group taking leaps and bounds developmentally. Thankfully at 19 months she has caught up to everyone and my baby walked at 15 months (we were told to not expect this until she was after 2!). Now we are ready to attend gymbaroo classes in the flesh! Thanks Gymbaroo – fantastic online support.
I’ve really enjoyed doing the exercises with my daughter and have just finished the last episode today. We have been going through them each morning and it’s a great way to bond with her and she also enjoys them too. They have given me some great ideas how to help with her development and I improvise with things I have at home. It’s also great to hear what the guest doctors have to say about the order in which your baby should develop and why it’s so important.
A wonderful way to start our day together.
What I like about the videos is that I can review what we have done in class and have a guide to do it myself at home. Such as baby massages and some activities that can help development, I can use the videos and have confidence to do by myself with the baby. Thank you for making these available for us.
As a new parent I had no idea on the importance of getting my baby active.
The video sessions are not only informative, they are fun, provide bonding and are great for baby. I have not been able to attend a class as yet. My baby (10 weeks old) loves doing a BabyRoo video each day. Without the videos, I would probably be raising a potato! Thank you for putting them together and for providing them for us to watch.
The videos give our playtime together a bit of variety. The exercise music and massage sessions are short and my baby loves doing something ‘fun’. They are also terrific to do to reinforce things we have learnt at Gymbaroo that week. 
When my little boy reached about 5 months, I really found that I was struggling to know what I could do with him to promote active fun which was relevant to his age & developmental needs. The active learning series was perfect for us and I couldn’t believe it was free too!
The ABSK videos were great when our son was a newborn as it was tricky to get out of the house at a specific time for a class without completely disrupting his nap/feed schedule. Also my husband found it great for ideas in interacting with the baby: it got him singing and dancing and having a great time bonding with bub. We started BabyROO classes in Williamstown at 7 months and bub’s loving it.
I like how the videos show you how to really interact with my daughter. It was very encouraging and going to make it much more enjoyable. Tummy time is my favourite as she wasn’t a big fan of it, now she loves it.
The Active Babies Smart Kids videos really give us the great idea how to play and entertain our 6 month old baby. I’ve learned how to massage my baby, my massage skills is great now, baby enjoys so much! I’m so glad! Thanks Gymbaroo again!
Before watching the videos, I had a daily question to answer:What do I do now?! Now I know how to help my baby develop and we have a fun routine thanks to Gymbaroo.
I love the massage and the activities that me and my little one get to enjoy.
I love how they give clear and informative ideas for what we can do with our daughter! It is nice to be given new things to do with her!
I love the music played! My little boy and I do the activities while watching your videos each morning.
I love getting ideas of activities and educational ways to interact with my baby!
I luv the fact that you can do the activities from home if you can’t get into a centre and that there are activities for my daughter as a 4mth old.
I like how they’re so informative. I knew tummy time was important but I didn’t realise to that extent.
It’s great mum and bub bonding time whist helping bub’s development. We love Gymbaroo.
I love how we can do it in our own lounge room and the experts you interview.
The series are great. As a first time mum I have no idea what to do. Toys, play centres get boring and are costly. They are very educational, teaching great bonding, developmental tips & the main thing Fun. 
Being a first time mum and not knowing how to entertain my baby and help him reach his milestones, this series has been great in helping me. Love the fun activities.
The Active Babies Smart Kids series have interactive activities for through the medium of play. Great ideas for facilitating our babies to move and helping them learn. They are enjoyable for us adults too!
I love knowing that the time I’m spending with my daughter playing, singing and dancing is actually helping her develop. We have so much fun. I am not the most creative person so I really enjoy these videos and guidance.
We did it last year .. was impressed with the scheduled program at the Balcatta WA one .. tried a few other activities this year but Gymbaroo by far was the best and hygienic too .. I like the way things are cleaned after sessions to stop germs and flu’s spreading.
Watching the videos and playing the interactive activities are awesome for spending time with my children it is quality time and their learning as we do it. P
I love knowing that I am spending quality time with my son having fun today preparing him for life tomorrow. His development and future is my number one priority. It’s so simple and fun to be able to do to learn from online videos is fantastic. Thank you GymbaROO.
I love that the videos are free and easy to access at home. Gives us great ideas to play and learn with my baby. Lots of fun!
I’ve started watching and they are great videos. I have twins and it’s nice to be reminded about the importance of all of these activities in my babies development. Best bit is I can join in at home, at my own pace. Thanks!
I love the videos and can’t wait for my new bub to come so I can put it all into action best of all it’s very easy to access.
I love how you can follow along and do the sessions at home with your little one. And the information explain why different skills are important is great too. 
Great tips and ideas that seem doable at home!
I love how the videos teach each area of baby development and the types of exercises that will benefit their development for the rest of their life.
I’m using the videos to spend special baby time with my 3 month old. Such great tips and it’s also encouraged me to make sure she’s getting enough tummy time.
It gives us something fun that we can do together at home, that is free too!!
Love that the videos are free! It also shows parents that there are free & easy ways to spend quality time with their babies! Not only are the sessions fun but they aid in babies development! Good bonding time and enable parents to think outside the box when interacting with their babies.
 As a first time mum your free videos give me sound advice, reasoning, exercises and most importantly confidence and inspiration to raise a well developed, happy, smart baby. Thank you!
I enjoy being able to do these actives at home…great having something I can go to for reference and love that we are given reasoning behind why things should be done a certain way.
Great way to learn how to help your baby to reach all his potential, love them. 
As a first time mum of twin girls, these were very good to watch to know the best to interact with them.
I love that the videos give clear instructions that are easy to follow and also gives us information on what each movement/activity is great for. P
This is a fantastic series!! I loved taking my daughter to KindyRoo as a baby and now my son will be starting soon. I believe KindyRoo improved my daughter development. These series will help me continue these ideas at home and involve my husband so he can have bonding time with our children.
It helped my baby learn to crawl by giving me the skills to guide him through this very important developmental milestone. I only want the best for my baby, Thank you.
Having a premature baby means that I want to do the best I can to make sure she meets all of her developmental milestones. Gymbaroo is a great help with videos of activities to help her develop. Thank you for this great resource.
I love the ideas on how to play, entertain and enjoy baby through development and fun!! Thanks for a great series!!
I love that the videos are easily accessible and informative. I feel much better about what I’m doing with bub in helping him meet his milestones and learning through play.
I love that they teach me how to help bubs meet her milestones and how to help her learn.
Through my daughter growing through Babyroo I get to see her and assist her in a safer way than I would have known myself being a first time mum. My daughter now enjoys tummy time and is nearly ready to crawl. If I weren’t educated with and why not to do thing I guess I would still be allowing my daughter to stand on her reflex. Thanks Gymbaroo for pointing us in the right direction.
Thank you for a wonderful resource, as a first time mum this series combined with attending Gymbaroo since bub was 4 months has helped guide me to assist my baby to learn skills. He is such a competent crawler and already trying to walk! P
We love going to Gymbaroo and have been since she was 6 weeks old and from what we learn from there coupled with the great tv series me and my daughter always have fun games to play. She isn’t in love with tummy time so it’s great for tips to get her use to it and she is getting better every time. It also explains in detail why you do the things you teach us which is great knowledge to have. At 11 weeks old we are having the time of our lives and watching her grow and experience new things is an amazing gift. Thank you Gymbaroo you have made learning fun.
My little man is nearly 10months old and I wish I knew about this before he was born. Such great videos that teach about all of the important things as they grow. I will be telling all of my new mummy friends to come and have a look in future.
It’s difficult knowing how to entertain your baby all day and every day. The videos demonstrate creative ways of not only keeping baby entertained but to help support them developmentally. 
The online activities have got me and hubby through the first 5 months with our little boy. I love the bonus talks with specialists, we have embraced bare feet, “you can’t catch a cold through your feet!” The program is crucial in our little girls development as she grows, the program grows with her. We can’t wait to get her involved next week for her first session.
I love seeing the range of babies’ developments, the interactiveness and support that the videos have given to parents at home and that it is presented in a way that reaches and helps all parents wanting to give their children the best they can afford(great that it’s free). I love seeing dads in the videos.
As a first time mum, I was unsure about play activities that we would both enjoy and that would help to develop the skills he is learning. Gymbaroo has been great for doing this and the free online sessions make it easy to do at home.
Just simply love the smile it puts on my daughters face. 
Love seeing how much the babies are enjoying the exercises and that its quality time spent with your child, no distractions. Makes both mum and baby feel special. 
I love the interaction, having my baby boy thoroughly enjoy such simple songs and games. Knowing it’s so beneficial for his development is brilliant too. 
I love that the videos explain the importance of the various topics and it shows and encourages you how you can apply it to help your baby with their growth and development. I was so worried about my baby not crawling but I also learnt from the videos to allow my baby to do it at his own pace and not to worry too much.
The videos are very helpful, informative and gives reassurance to new Mums. They help me explain why I’m doing certain actions and activities with our baby to my husband who doesn’t understand the importance of reflex integration.
I like the way that everything is broken down into sections and that it enables me to work at home with the kids outside of the gymbaroo sessions and in the holiday. It also provides reassurance I’m doing something useful for them.
Being a new mum to a 3 week old. I loved all the ideas of how I can interact with her. Also listening to the doctor about flat heads and how to avoid this.
I really enjoy sharing it with my families that I work with. I am a preschool teacher who has many families will young ones. My 13 month old niece has enjoyed the videos and I one day like to use them when I am blessed to have my own. Gymbaroo rocks!
We absolutely love climbing up the ladder of non stop learning and exploring with online series. So many wonderful ideas! Thank you!
I’ve been following “today’s BabyROO” on the videos doing one every few days. I’ve just noticed a huge difference in Bubs abilities. Especially tummy time. They are such a great reference tool because not only do you get the activity but the “why” which is so important! It’s not only teaching bub but teaching me to! I feel more confident as a new mum. Thank you for this great resource. P
Babyroo is wonderroo!!! Loving the episodes, baby and mummy time spent well. Babyroo gives you stimulating things to do, things that you just didn’t think to do. Thank you Babyroo. P
I loved the videos for new ways to interact with Ari ! It was interesting learning not only songs and actions but also hearing from specialists. Thank you for the videos and information . It is much appreciated.
I love learning about the scientific reasons behind doing certain activities like stimulating the vestibular for babies etc. I have taken both my children to Gymbaroo since 8 weeks old + and the videos help me remember what to do at home & goes into even more detail. We absolutely love Gymbaroo & have shared these videos with 2 mothers groups & all the new mums I know its fantastic!

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