Active Babies Smart Kids: 12 Online Baby Classes

Active Babies Smart Kids: 12 Online Baby Classes


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GymbaROO-KindyROO’s online series of baby classes – Active Babies Smart Kids, shows parents what to do in the important first year after birth, to help their babies lay down the crucial foundations for future learning. Join in the thousands of parents already raising happier, smarter babies from birth, with our fun and easy to follow videos. Bond and play with your baby in the best way for their development, as you learn the ‘how’ and’ ‘why’ of; tummy time, baby exercises, baby massage, speech and hearing development, music songs and nursery rhymes for babies, baby balance activities, baby games and so much more.

The ABSK series includes 12 x 22 minute episodes, full of up to-date, important developmental information, specialists advice and loving, easy activities and ideas that help build key brain pathways for later learning and that are fantastic for bonding. The series is designed so parents can join in the activities with their baby from birth, in their own home, at a time that suits them.

Enjoy the hundreds of delightful baby games and activities, each one designed to give your baby the stimulation he or she needs during this critical period of development. It is well researched that during this earliest year of life, much of the essential wiring linked to learning is laid down. There is a direct relationship between the stimulation babies receive and how well they later behave, read and learn.

The ABSK series comes highly recommended by doctors, paediatricians, maternal child health nurses and other early childhood specialists.

I have absolutely loved the series! It is a wonderful resource jam-packed with great ideas and activities. The most enjoyable part is the bonding that takes place between my baby boy and me each and every time during an online session. He is also so much happier and content afterwards. The series puts my mind at ease, as I now understand how beneficial the activities are.

I’ve been following the Active Babies Smart Kids videos doing one every few days. I’ve just noticed a huge difference in my baby’s abilities, especially tummy time. They are such a great reference tool because not only do you get the activities to do, but also the ‘why’ which is so important! It’s not only teaching my baby, it’s teaching me to! I feel more confident as a new mum. Thank you for this great resource. P.O. Box 646 Wahroonga, NSW 2076