Episode 1 – Tummy Time + Baby Class 1

What experts say

Tummy time can be started from birth and should be done every day! I can’t emphasise enough just how important this is for your baby’s healthy brain and body development. There are many ways to develop a love of tummy time together and the earlier you start, the better.
Dr Jane Williams – Leading baby development expert

You are your baby’s first, most important and best teacher. You can have a dramatic influence over your baby’s brain growth and future learning ability. This first year is a critical period, when much of the essential wiring linked to learning is laid down.
Dr Meredith Sheil – Paediatrician

What’s in Episode 1

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ – Learn everything you need to know about tummy time:
  • Why tummy time is so important for your baby’s future academic, physical and emotional development
  • When and how often to do tummy time
  • Discover loads fun and enjoyable tummy time activities, many of which do not involve the floor!
  • What to do if your baby doesn’t like spending time on his or her tummy
Baby development class 1
  • Join in! Enjoy bonding and development time with you baby, as together you do – baby exercises to music; dance; vision, hearing and speech development activities; rhythm and music activities; songs and nursery rhymes; baby massage; baby games and so much more more baby fun! You and your baby will love it!
Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Interview on baby development with paediatrician Dr Meredith Sheil

What parents say

I’ve been following the Active Babies Smart Kids videos doing one every few days. I’ve just noticed a huge difference in my baby’s abilities, especially tummy time. They are such a great reference tool because not only do you get the activities to do, but also the ‘why’ which is so important! It’s not only teaching my baby, it’s teaching me to! I feel more confident as a new mum. Thank you for this great resource. 


One of the things I love about the ABSK online series is watching my husband and baby bonding together. Since he loves taking care of our little one whenever he has a spare second, he always refers to the videos so that he has ‘quality time’ with him. Such joy!

Episode 1

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