Episode 10 – Baby Reflexes and Development

Episode 10 of our Active Babies Smart Kids series features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit more on Baby Reflexes. In this episode Dr Jane Williams, a leading authority on baby development, helps us look into what ‘Primitive reflexes’ are, why it’s really important for parents to know about them and how they affect a baby’s development.

Primitive reflexes are of major importance to your baby’s brain development, the development of their balance, muscle tone, head control, vision and even the development of how well they use their hands and feet! It is becoming more widely understood that if babies and young children do not have the movement opportunities needed to fully control primitive reflexes, especially in the first year of life, the ‘retained reflexes’ can interfere with later learning and development.

There are some absolute favourites included in the fun of our Let’s Do class, including Old McDonald, Incy Wincy, Jack be Nimble, and a great dance where we ‘put the beat in our feet’!

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