Episode 7 – Body Awareness + Baby Class 7

What experts say

Body awareness is important for the development of body control and coordination as well as the development of self-concept or self-image. It is the basis on which to build skills essential for classroom learning. 
Dr Jane Williams – Leading baby development expert

Babies who are given the early movement opportunities included in this series, have better coordination, concentration, memory, behaviour, perception, reading and learning skills as they get older.
Dr Meredith Sheil – Paediatrician 

What’s in Episode 7

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ – Learn everything you need to know about your baby’s body awareness:
  • Why body awareness activities are so important for your baby’s future academic, physical and emotional development
  • What is body awareness
  • Body awareness activities and games for babies from birth
  • When and how often to do body awareness activities
Baby development class 7
  • Join in! Enjoy bonding and development time with you baby, as together you do – baby exercises to music; dance; vision, hearing and speech development activities; rhythm and music activities; baby massage; baby games and more baby fun!
Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Interview with baby development expert, Dr Jane Williams

What parents say

I just wanted to thank you so much for providing the online baby class series. The episodes are presented so professionally with so much valuable information and activities to do with my baby. I am totally addicted!! I have been watching one every day and rewatching them and doing the ‘Let’s do BabyROO’ with my little boy. I am learning so much about my baby and how he develops and learns and am grateful of this opportunity to help him reach his full potential in later years!!

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