GymbaROO and you: Creating rising stars (7)

GymbaROO and you: Creating rising stars (7)

Click here to join thousands of parents already raising smarter babies with our

Join the thousands of parents already raising smarter, happier babies with our online baby classes: The Active Babies Smart Kids series. Click here.

GymbaROO-KindyROO kids are excelling academically, emotionally, in leadership roles and on the sporting field. Find us at: GymbaROO-KindyROO

GymbaROO and KindyROO kids are excelling academically, emotionally and on the sporting field. These children spent the first three or more years of their lives involved with GymbaROO. Their parents also reinforced our program at home by integrating the information and activities they had learned during classes into their daily lives. We cannot emphasise enough how much of a difference this can make to your child’s future.


Current age: 11 years old
Started attending GymbaROO at 6 weeks
Number of years at GymbaROO: 5 years

img_1793-mayaMaya was enrolled at GymbaROO before she was born! Her parents couldn’t wait to start attending classes.  She started at 6 weeks of age and continued until she was four years old when the family moved to a remote island. Her parents did continue the program in their new location with Maya and her two younger siblings, by way of the GymbaROO Distance Neuro-Education Package.

Maya is a delight. She is a truly happy, confident, well-balanced and grounded child who is a role model to all around her. She is currently in Year 6 and is Captain of her school.

Academically Maya excels. She has had outstanding NAPLAN results, scoring in the top 1% in some bands. She works hard to maintain her academic success.

Maya also thrives in sports. She has placed in the top ten at State Nipper Titles in the swim, board and iron woman. She plays representative touch football, with her team finishing fourth in the State this year. Maya also represents her school at District and Region level for cross-country, athletics and swimming. Her two biggest loves at the moment are surfing and reading.

I feel very fortunate that Maya has had such a great start. The early development of a child’s brain and the connections of both intellect and motor skills to early movement and cross patterning is vital. What I love most about GymbaROO is the holistic approach. It is brain development through motor pathways, diet, speech, tactile stimulus, emotional connection, music and song, and most importantly … fun! What better way to spend time with your child! Amy – Mum and Doctor (GP).

Maya GymbaROO


Now a mum
Started GymbaROO at birth
Number of years involved with GymbaROO: 5 years

Living in Townsville meant that Meg’s first introduction to the GymbaROO program was through GymbaROO Distance Neuro-Education Package, which her parents did with her almost every day from soon after birth. Meg started attending GymbaROO as soon as the Townville centre opened in 1989. She was almost two years old at the time and continued classes until she went to school.

Meg would play ‘GymbaROO’ at home nearly every day. She would sit her dolls, teddies and toys up in front of her and flash her visualisation word and picture at them! Friends were asked to be ‘the class’ and had to do wheelbarrows and upside downs! Creativity and new ideas were never far from Meg’s mind and she began by setting up shop at the front of the house and selling all her ‘worldly goods’ wrapped in old Christmas paper to the neighbours. She constantly redecorated her room (and still does). In those days it was a jungle one day and princess castle the next.

Meg loved school and was a natural ‘all-rounder’. In her last years of high school she rowed for her school in the State finals. Her school grades were such that she was able to study physiotherapy at University. Until recently Meg worked with children who had developmental challenges. As is usual she has had few life ‘knocks’ but she has great resilience and always bounces back.

Now, Meg is mother to baby Elizabeth, whom she takes along to KindyROO Northside in Brisbane twice a week, wanting her to have the same great start in life that she had.

Meg GymbaROO


Thousands of parents, babies and children are presently involved in our programs and creating rising stars. GymbaROO-KindyROO kids are excelling academically, emotionally, in leadership roles and on the sporting field. Come join all the fun and learning! “GymbaROO – The best decision I ever made for my child.” Classes from 6 weeks old – 7 years GymbaROO KindyROO 

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