Christmas craft ideas for babies and kids

Christmas craft ideas for babies and kids

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Christmas, with all its bells and whistles, tinsel and sparkle, is a fabulous time to create with developmental benefits and enjoy the heart-warming results.

You will find the ‘how to’ of all these brilliant ideas and more (and the clever people who posted them) on the GymbaROO Pinterest page here. Ensure that you always supervise and exercise caution when creating, so that no little bits end up in mouths.

For the whole family

Christmas craft and games GymbaROO ArticleChristmas-ideas-for-the-family-GymbaROO

For Babies

Christmas decorations are fabulous for creating sensory bottles. Roll them along the floor for babies during tummy time; crawlers and toddlers can chase them and shake them; older children can help to make them! All ages developing strength, coordination, balance, integrating reflexes and developing visual skills!

Christmas-sensory-bottles-GymbaROO Article

Baubles and festive ornaments are excellent ‘eye catchers’ to hang from mobiles and playmats for baby to practice developing visual skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination on back or tummy.

Baby-christmas-ideas- GymbaROO BabyROO article

For Toddlers

Games to develop gross and fine motor muscles, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, motor planning and more.

Christmas craft and games GymbaROO Article

Christmas craft and games GymbaROO Article

Christmas for toddlers GymbaROO

For 2 1/2 years and up

There are so many Christmas craft ideas, terrific for developing both fine and gross motor strength and coordination, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, laterality skills, motor planning and so much more. Here are just a few!

Christmas-craft-for-3-years-and-up GymbaROO article

Christmas-craft-3,4-years. GymbaROO article


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