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Secure versus insecure bonding: Parents need to know the difference. BabyROO GymbaROO

Secure versus insecure bonding: Parents need to know the difference

Bonding usually happens instinctively between parent and baby, but loving the baby doesn’t automatically result in secure bonding. A secure bond provides the infant with an optimal foundation for life, eagerness to learn, a healthy self-awareness and trust and consideration for others. An insecure bonding relationship can lead to confusion about oneself and difficulties in learning about self and the world, as well as relating to others. Read more...

Screen time, babies and kids: The latest important information

Screen time is here to stay and for children under the age of five years is rising at an alarming rate. Screens, in their multitude of forms, will be a part of your children’s lives at some point. What parents really need to be on top of is; the latest research findings, what experts are recommending and alternative ways to engage babies and children without screens. Read more...

Bare feet for babies and children – Improves memory!

Those who come along to BabyROO, GymbaROO and KindyROO know how insistent we are at having babies and children remove their socks and shoes for playing and climbing. Bare feet not only stimulate healthy development of the muscles and tendons in the feet and legs, but also provide us with important balance and navigation skills and, as new research tells us, improved memory. Read more...