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Secure versus insecure bonding: Parents need to know the difference. BabyROO GymbaROO

Secure versus insecure bonding: Parents need to know the difference

Bonding usually happens instinctively between parent and baby, but loving the baby doesn’t automatically result in secure bonding. A secure bond provides the infant with an optimal foundation for life, eagerness to learn, a healthy self-awareness and trust and consideration for others. An insecure bonding relationship can lead to confusion about oneself and difficulties in learning about self and the world, as well as relating to others. Read more...

Introducing a Sibling

During the first two years, your child has been the centre of his family and in his growing mind the centre of the universe. The child has learnt that the world is a warm and secure place and that if he communicates his needs, his parents will take care of him. However, there comes a time in early toddlerhood when a child needs to learn what it means to ‘wait’. Few experiences initiate this rite of passage in the same way as the birth of a sibling. The arrival of a baby brother or sister can help your child to understand what it means to wait and share and to give him a sense of becoming independent. It will also help reinforce that no matter what happens, a parent is still there to nurture, support and love him. Read more...