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Storytelling GymbaROO BabyROO article

Storytelling – More than just telling a story

Oral storytelling has been shown to enhance emerging literacy and language development in young children. Storytelling builds connections between the teller and listener, enhances memory, supports early literacy development and creative thinking. As a potential key to emergent literacy, oral storytelling interactions between parents and young children from birth to five years appear to be, ‘just as important as reading to children’. Read more...
Fostering neurodevelopment in childcare-1

Choosing childcare that fosters neuro-development, quality play and rich learning environments

A guide to help you choose childcare that will foster your baby's or child's neuro-development and provide quality play and rich learning environments. The early experiences of a child’s life have a profound and lasting impact on the developing brain. Environments and experiences in the first three years of life contribute to either a strong or a fragile foundation for future learning. Read more...