Tessarose Productions

Tessarose Productions

Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose

Kiwis, Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose, formed Tessarose Productions in 1999. The music, (all 700 songs), has been created with young children’s developmental needs and the latest findings in early education in mind. The songs are simple and slow enough for young children to understand and then respond to, and the words repetitive and clear so children can sing along.

Tessa Grigg (B.Ed, Dip Tch (Primary) Dip Tch (ECE): Tessa has a wide range of experience within the Early Childhood Education field. She has taught in a Primary School, supervised a Pre-school with specialist work in the sensory motor area, worked as a Child and Family Therapist, taught Nanny students and has owned and operated a GymbaROO centre for 9 years. Tessa’s experience in teaching pre-school children spans 30+ years but the strength in her experience is that is has been in a variety of settings.

Brian Ringrose – Entertainer: Brian had over thirty years’ experience in the music business, both in the recording field and as a performing artist. He performed both nationally and internationally and was part of the original Invaders Band that played with Ray Columbus. Brian worked for television (a fifteen year involvement) and played to live audiences on a regular basis while also working in his recording studio during the day. Music produced by Brian has been sold internationally with feedback that recognises his versatility and creative abilities. Sadly, Brian recently died from cancer.

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