Episode 8 – Music and Rhythm Development + Baby Class 8

What experts say

Music plays a significant role in development during the earliest years. Neuro-scientific studies now confirm that rhythm and music for babies encourages skill development in auditory processing, verbal memory, language, speech processing, perception, coordination, literacy, mathematics and more. 
Dr Tessa Grigg – Leading child development expert

Babies thrive on activities that are developmentally beneficial and parents thrive when babies thrive. It’s a win-win!
Dr Jane Williams – Leading baby development expert

What’s in Episode 8

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ – Learn everything you need to know about rhythm and music for your baby:
  • Why music and rhythm activities are so important for your baby’s future academic, physical and emotional development
  • The best type of rhythm and music for babies
  • Music and rhythm activities and games
  • Gorgeous nursery rhymes for babies
  • When and how often to do rhythm and music activities
Baby development class 8
  • Join in! Enjoy bonding and development time with you baby, as together you do – baby exercises to music; dance; tummy time activities; vision, hearing and speech development activities; baby rhythm and music activities; nursery rhymes, baby massage; baby games and more baby fun!
Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Interview with baby development expert, Dr Jane Williams

What parents say

I love how excited my lil boy gets when he hears the music, he knows it’s active play time! I love that I am learning while playing with bub.

Rhythm and Music for Babies plus Online Baby Development Class | ABSK

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