Episode 10 – Baby Reflexes and Milestones + Baby Class 10

What experts say

Primitive reflexes are responsible for baby milestones, getting babies moving and are of major importance to your babies’ brain development and the development of their balance, muscle tone, head control, vision and even the development of how well they use their hands and feet. 
Dr Jane Williams – Leading baby development expert

If babies and young children don’t have the movement opportunities and practice to learn to fully control the reflexes, the ‘retained reflexes’ can interfere with later learning and development.
Bindy Cummings – Child development expert and retained reflex therapist

What’s in Episode 10

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ – Learn everything you need to know about primitive reflexes:
  • Why knowing about primitive reflexes is so important for your baby’s future academic, physical and emotional development
  • What primitive reflexes are
  • Why primitive reflexes are important to baby milestones
  • How babies learn to control primitive reflexes
  • Activities for integrating primitive reflexes
  • Why learning difficulties occur if primitive reflexes are not integrated properly
Baby development class 10
  • Join in! Enjoy bonding and development time with you baby, as together you help your baby reach important baby milestones with – baby exercises to music; dance; tummy time activities; vision, hearing and speech development activities; rhythm and music activities; baby massage; baby games and more baby fun!
Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Interview on the importance of primitive reflexes to baby milestones, with baby development expert Dr Jane Williams

What parents say

Thank you for referring me to the website. This is a fantastic reference for first time parents as it covered great topics that we cannot find in parental books or the books are too wordy to read. The topics covered and guest speakers are informative and educational. Overall congratulations on a very informative, effective and successful program. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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