Episode 3 – Baby Massage + Baby Class 3

What experts say

When your baby is touched with warmth and care during baby massage, their brain is flooded with hormones. These hormones enable your baby’s brain to form more neural connections. Babies massaged regularly have been found to have significantly better brain growth and development. 
Dr Jane Williams – Leading baby development expert

A baby’s brain grows most rapidly in the first twelve months of life. This is a critical period for learning and is when much of the essential wiring linked to learning is laid down.
Dr Meredith Sheil – Paediatrician

What’s in Episode 3

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ – Learn everything you need to know about baby massage:
  • Why baby massage is so important for your baby’s future academic, physical and emotional development
  • How to prepare for infant massage
  • When and how often to massage your baby
  • When not to massage your baby
  • How long massage sessions should be
  • Different infant massage techniques
  • The best type of music to use
Baby development class 3
  • Join in! Enjoy bonding and development time with you baby, as together you do – baby exercises to music; dance; tummy time activities, vision, hearing and speech development activities; rhythm and music activities; baby massage; baby games and more baby fun! You and your baby will love it!
Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Interview with baby massage consultant and author Pinky McKay

What parents say

I loved the guidance from renowned Pinky Mckay and paediatrician Dr Meredith. I found these sessions informative as a new parent, particularly understanding infant development and the fun activities I can use when interacting with my baby. Loved the giggles and smiles from bub when we did the activities. 

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