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If you’re interested in watching our Active Babies Smart Kids series, we would like to start by saying, “Congratulations!” You have, or will soon have, a baby in your care and are on the most wonderful and important journey of your life. The five-minute introduction video explains what to expect from our series, why we do what we do at GymbaROO-KindyROO, and why so important to you and to your baby. Research has proven that, when it comes to your baby’s development, what happens in the first year of life not only matters, it matters a lot.

Episode 1 – Tummy Time

This first and free episode is a fantastic start to our Active Babies Smart Kids online series. It begins with GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Tummy Time, sharing with you information on tummy time and why it’s crucially important to your baby’s brain and body development.
This is followed by the first of our ‘Let’s Do’ online class sessions. Here we join with you and your baby, and together we do exercises to music, we dance to She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain, introduce you to some vision games, baby massage and more. We also include some of the many fun and enjoyable ways to encourage tummy time and keep your babies happy on their fronts. You and your baby will love it! This episode concludes with an interview with paediatrician, Dr Meredith Sheil, who provides specialist advice on why tummy time is so important to your baby’s healthy development.

Episode 2 – Baby Exercise

Exercises for babies play a very important part in your baby’s healthy development, even from this very young age! Your baby’s brain grows as a result of movement experiences. To help explain why and how, this episode features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Baby Exercise.

Following this, our ‘Let’s Do’ online class is delightful and includes a hand play, baby exercises to the fun beat of The Ant’s go Marching, a strengthening and balance exercise, dance, rhythm, baby massage and more. We finish the episode with some excellent specialist advice on the importance of baby exercises from paediatrician, Dr Meredith Sheil.

Episode 3 – Baby Massage

Research studies show that massage and loving touch have terrific positive effects on baby’s brain, body and emotional development. This ABSK episode features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit more on Baby Massage and includes specialist advice from baby massage consultant and author, the fabulous Pinky McKay.

You and your baby will by now becoming familiar with the gentle and enjoyable routine involved in our ‘Let’s Do’ sessions. In this episode, as well as all the fun activities, be amazed at how early babies can move and how good this is for their development. Enjoy the calming massage and new techniques done to Candylion’s soothing and peaceful Lullaby for Alexandre.

Episode 4 – Baby’s Balance Development

This episode features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Baby’s Balance. You wouldn’t be the first to think… baby balance? Really? But the fact of the matter is that your baby’s balance is developing right from the word go, and it’s very important! To help understand why, and how, we are joined by neuro-developmental specialist, Dr Jane Williams.

In our ‘Let’s Do’ session this week, we let your babies know what miracles they are whilst exercising to the joyous Oh, What a Miracle. There are some great baby balance activities, and, as per usual, a fabulous selection of rhythms, songs, vision activities and baby massage (with scarves this week!)

Episode 5 – Hearing and Speech Development

Encouraging your baby’s hearing and speech is not only fun, easy and natural but is also extremely important for your baby’s development, particularly during the first twelve months of life. In this episode we explore ‘why’ and ‘how’ with GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Baby’s Hearing and Speech.

In our ‘Let’s Do’ session, you’ll learn the correct method for rolling your baby and why to do it, we’ll dance a tango with your babies, shake maracas to Little Peter Rabbit and enjoy lots more songs, rhythms and activities.

To further your understanding of hearing and speech development, we finish this episode interviewing paediatrician author and father, Dr Luke Sammartino.

Episode 6 – Visual Development

This ABSK episode features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Your Baby’s Visual Development. These earliest years of your baby’s life are a critical period for visual development. There is an important difference between sight and vision. Sight is being able to see. Vision is the brain interpreting what we see. How well your babies learn to develop their vision is going to affect their entire development, including how well they are able to learn now and later while attending school. Babies are not born with the visual skills they need for learning. These skills need to develop over the earliest years of life. Babies need to learn how to use their eyes. For further guidance and advice, we are joined again by paediatrician and medical researcher, Dr Meredith Sheil.

Our ‘Let’s Do’ class features activities and games with big balls, medium sized balls, small balls, balloons and rollers. We share with you the many fantastic and fun ways to use these to help stimulate your baby’s brain, body and visual development.

Episode 7 – Body Awareness

In this Active Babies Smart Kids episode, we feature GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit More on Your Baby’s Body Awareness. We explore what ‘body awareness is’, why it’s so important to your baby’s future and how you can help your baby to develop good body awareness. To help us in our quest, we are delighted to be joined again by one of Australia’s leading baby specialists and neuro-developmental consultant, Dr Jane Williams.

You’ll enjoy singing along to some traditional rhymes and songs as you join with us doing all the fun activities in this episodes ‘Let’s Do’ class, all the while helping your baby develop those important solid foundations for learning!

You’ll need to raid the kitchen cupboard today for a pot and wooden spoon!

Episode 8 – Music and Rhythm Development

Thank goodness for music! Music and rhythm are superbly beneficial for your baby’s growth and development and have a really positive influence on their lives.

Exciting advances in science and technology are now able to directly confirm the enormous amount of activity that is going inside your babies’ developing brains when exposed to and involved with music and rhythm. Music and rhythm help the development of; listening skills, speech and language, is vital for smooth coordinated movement, mathematics skills and more! GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Dr Jane Williams, joins us again in this episode to explore the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of rhythm and music for your babies.

Join in with all the fun and musical activities in our Let’s Do class this week as we do finger plays, baby exercises, dance, songs and baby massage.

Episode 9 – Hand-Eye Coordination

Your babies’ hands deserve a lot of attention! The better their hands work the better they will do in life.

Dr Meredith joins us in this Active Babies Smart Kids episode to help explain why good development of the hands and hand-eye coordination is crucial to so many areas of future development and learning, including; academic achievement, sport, vision, musical ability, self-esteem and more.

You’ll love this episode’s Let’s Do class, with exercises to do with your babies on their tummies, an upside-down dance, bubbles, bouncing rhymes and massage with rhythm sticks!

Episode 10 – Baby Reflexes and Development

Episode 10 of our Active Babies Smart Kids series features GymbaROO-KindyROO’s Bit more on Baby Reflexes. In this episode Dr Jane Williams, a leading authority on baby development, helps us look into what ‘Primitive reflexes’ are, why it’s really important for parents to know about them and how they affect a baby’s development.

Primitive reflexes are of major importance to your baby’s brain development, the development of their balance, muscle tone, head control, vision and even the development of how well they use their hands and feet! It is becoming more widely understood that if babies and young children do not have the movement opportunities needed to fully control primitive reflexes, especially in the first year of life, the ‘retained reflexes’ can interfere with later learning and development.

There are some absolute favourites included in the fun of our Let’s Do class, including Old McDonald, Incy Wincy, Jack be Nimble, and a great dance where we put the beat in our feet!

Episode 11 – Baby’s Feet

Think about how important feet are! They will bear your baby’s weight, balance them and guide them throughout their lives. They are vital to development and well-being. When talking about baby development, we mustn’t forget these wonderful ‘bits’ of your baby’s bodies. In this Active Babies Smart Kids episode Dr Luke joins us to explore what you can to do to ensure proper development of your baby’s feet.

We head out of the studio and into the Kew GymbaROO in Melbourne to join in with a centre class! Enjoy the activities and games whilst joining in with, and having a look at, the wonderful Kew centre and its occupants!!

Episode 12 – Crawling and Creeping

Filming the final episode our this Active Babies Smart Kids series, was a whole different kettle of fish altogether! As this episode is all about crawling and creeping, we were joined by an absolutely delightful and very mobile cast!

Dr Jane Williams joins us again for our Bit More on Crawling and Creeping, to help explain why the movements of crawling and creeping are so important to a baby’s brain and body development! Crawling and creeping give our babies what they need to get the very best start in life. The longer babies crawl and creep, the better. It is not how early a child walks, but how much is learned before walking that will influence the development of his/her physical, social and academic well-being.

We also feature a look into GymbaROO-KindyROO crawler and creeper classes and just what fun and learning there is to be had.

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