GymbaROO Mum Develops Winning App for New Parents: The Baby Diaries App.

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6879_TBD_L1_The-Baby-Diaries_Online-Ad_200x200px_Feb15One of our own GymbaROO mums, Tara O’Connell, has developed an App to make life much easier for new parents. It has recently been listed in  the Top 10 Must Have Apps for new and/or breastfeeding parents!  The app has now been downloaded on every continent on earth, in 15 different languages.

The Baby Diaries App helps track baby’s daily feeding, sleep and nappy routine, notes, milestones, photos and special memories all on your smartphone, iPad or iPod.

Most new parents would agree that caring for a baby can be quite overwhelming at times.  Sleep deprivation, learning about your little one’s needs, and keeping track of routines and milestones are just the beginning.  Finding time to keep those written baby books up to date can be hard, but this way you’ll always know exactly when baby took their first steps, smiles, words, or even when they first attended their GymbaROO or KindyROO class!

Tara is mum to two boys, born 11 years apart.  She came up with the idea during her own personal crisis which she shares with us here.

When my second child, Alex, was barely 3 months old I became a single mum with 100% care literally without warning. “Overwhelmed” is one word that could describe how I was feeling. Then 4 weeks later Alex became quite ill.  I remember standing in the Emergency Ward where nurses were asking how many wet nappies he had had in the past 24 hours. I had no idea! I turned to my sister, a midwife, and said “surely there’s an App for this?”.  After months of research I found some Apps that did some of the things I wanted, but nothing that did everything I needed all in one app.  So I decided to turn a bad situation into something positive.

TBD-app-load-screenTara has an older son, Jacob, born in 2001 and she remembers keeping written notes of various notepads back then. She was determined to make life as a new mum much easier the second time around.

With around 15% of all new mums diagnosed with postnatal depression, and 85% experiencing “baby blues” I saw developing a tool for mums, using technology now available, as a real opportunity to make a difference… to reduce a little bit of the pressure.

Through her own personal experience Tara reminds us that it can be incredibly important to keep track of baby’s routine.

On a daily level, it’s essential to keep records of things such as wet nappies, as this is a good indicator that baby is feeding sufficiently. It’s also important to track milestones, again to ensure that you have a good record of information to show your medical professional.

An updated version has now been released with a function to allow data to be shared between carers.

Only 1% of all apps are successful. This is either a daunting figure or a great challenge depending on how you look at it.  I’m so fortunate to have Out of the Square Media as partners in the App.  They are the technical and aesthetic gurus!  I focus on PR and absolutely love the role I play in ensuring mums across the world know about The Baby Diaries.  I’ve recently launched a boutique business specialising in PR for Apps and other online businesses.  tara@appsoluteresults.com

You can find more information on the the App here: The Baby Diaries:  www.thebabydiaries.com.au  

Go Tara!

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